Studio Capra Advisors specialize in handling your financial matters first by gaining a complete understanding of your business or personal financial circumstances. We take a systematic approach and strive to outline your goals and craft a customized plan

Our practice is filled with successful clients and we have found that most successful people have one thing in common: they want to get more out of their life. In order to do so, they delegate the management of aspects of their lives that don’t interest them or where they don’t excel to others.


The greatest gift you can provide yourself is time. Our goal is to provide our investors with tranquility and peace of mind regarding their finances.

We help investors overcome stress and prevent them from making unsound financial choices.

We don’t design a strategy or make recommendations until after a thorough examination and evaluation of the investor’s personal and financial situation has been made. We use the trusted FPA (Financial Planning Association) recommended steps as a guide.


Our philosophy is to stay focused on goals while assessing the different risks our clients face.


I am passionate about my profession and about helping others. I believe in earning the trust of my clients, which is why I always act according to what I believe is right. ” I make every reasonable effort to stay away from trends to avoid any errors or omissions in the services or advice that I provide to clients.

MAURIZIO CAPRA is the founder of Studio Capra. Prior to forming his own company he acquired significant experience in London, UK and in Milan Italy, where he worked for two major companies in the financial field. Mr Capra received his degrees in Political Sciences/Economical Sciences, Magna cum Laude, from the University of Padua-Italy. Maurizio has attended continuing

education courses in the financial advising field for the last 20 years, with 15 of them being in advanced studies and has been a guest speaker in several national and international financial advising conferences.

Maurizio is currently a member of international
associations such as CAPS, FECIF, FPA and ANASF, and is the author of several articles regarding financial instruments.


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